On Demand-Webinar: Mobile Phishing Attacks: Spot, Block & Control

Mobile phishing

Some 90 percent of data breaches are the result of phishing, and education does only so much good: Analysts say that 15 percent of end users will fall for multiple attempts in the same year. And, an IBM study says users are three times more likely to fall for phishing on mobile devices. For your customers, the answer is a combination of awareness and technology. In this webinar we’ll share examples of mobile phishing attempts and explore opportunities for partners, including new approaches to authenticating senders.

In this Channel Partners webinar, you will learn:

  • How mobile devices have become the newest phishing hole
  • How the personal use of mobile devices represents an enterprise security risk
  • How the post perimeter security model addresses mobile phishing risk

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Richard Davidson of Lookout

David Richardson

David Richardson, senior director of product management for IT security company Lookout, has been building software to help individuals and enterprises secure mobile devices since 2009. He has 45 patents issued related to mobile security and is a frequent speaker at security conferences on the topic of iOS and Android security.




Pam Baker

Pam BakerPam Baker is editor-at-large for Channel Futures and Channel Partners. A prolific writer and analyst, she has had published work appear in many leading print and online publications including Security Boulevard PCMag, Institutional Investor magazine, CIO, TechTarget, Linux.com,and InformationWeek, as well as many others. Her latest book is “Data Divination: Big Data Strategies.” She’s also a popular speaker at technology conferences as well as specialty conferences such as the Excellence in Journalism events and a medical research and health care event at The New York Academy of Sciences.

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