On-Demand Webinar: Hiring Veterans — How to Find, Recruit and Retain These Star Employees

Hire veterans

You know why to hire a veteran: Veterans understand pulling together as a unit, taking initiative and adapting under pressure. And groups like TrainOurTroops are stepping up with relevant training so they have the skills that are in demand in the workplace. So how do you connect with veterans, get them on board and then make sure they remain on your team? Join Channel Partners and Glen Brynteson, founder and president of TrainOurTroops, in this webinar for insights. —

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The unique challenges veterans face in entering the civilian workforce
  • Why veterans are impacted more by underemployment than unemployment
  • The importance of community and corporate support

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Glen Brynteson, TrainOurTroops

Glen Brynteson

Glen Brynteson is founder and president of TrainOurTroops, an Austin-Texas-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that focuses on providing veterans with advanced online education, resume building, job hunt assistance and resources to help them obtain positions to support their families and excel in their individual careers. He is also president of VoiceoftheBusiness Academy, an online training company that helps organizations and individuals learn skills and solutions critical to achieving goals, and Market Awareness, an advanced primary research intelligence company that helps clients develop competitive advantages. In addition, Brynteson serves on the board of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals and is co-chair of the Austin chapter.

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