On-Demand Webinar: Use IT Infrastructure Modernization to Open New Doors With Customers

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The IT infrastructure investments of yesteryear were fairly static rack-and-row compute, storage and networking. You invest and refresh every three to five years. Nothing ever changed.

The passage of time and the explosion in technology have brought a commensurate need to modernize the IT infrastructure through software-defined infrastructure and hyperconverged appliances.

Strategically, today’s IT infrastructure must offer greater access to more information. Indeed, IT infrastructure modernization is driven by faster computing speeds, greater scalability and more secure accessibility.

Did you know that upgrading Intel® Xeon® processors allowed one retail partner to decrease response time by 51 percent and process up to 30 times as many orders per minute? It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Intel delivers better performance, improved security, enhanced orchestration and utilization, and optimal power efficiency.

Partner with Intel for IT infrastructure modernization and you’ll find that a traditional IT infrastructure + compute virtualization + automated orchestration/SDI + analytics and insights = higher margins via improved performance, value, scale and management for your customers.

During this presentation, solution providers and prospective Intel partners will learn:

  • How service offers improve as customers move up the value chain
  • How to build services around Intel solutions
  • How Intel® Technology Provider can lead to double-digit growth

Bring your customers’ IT infrastructures into the 21st century! Join Intel for this on-demand webinar and learn how to modernize your customers’ IT infrastructure.

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Intel's Lauren RobinetteLauren Robinette
Director of Partner Enablement, Intel

Lauren Robinette, director of partner enablement for Intel, is an accomplished channel business development professional with experience in high-tech companies such as HP, Avaya, Symantec, Cisco, Postini, Fortinet and several startups, including her own. She has been a cloud and managed service analyst, consulting on how to increase ARPU and high-margin business with MSPs and telcos.

Robinette created and managed a partner enablement program that generated an incremental $200 million for three years and now runs in 150 countries, with a 200:1 return on investment. The program won a sales effectiveness award from the IT Services Marketing Association.

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