On-Demand Webinar: Everyone Is Angry at Tech!

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Date February 5, 2020
2:00 p.m. Eastern
Featured Speakers Dave Sobel

Technology is changing all the time, but public perception of technology has changed even faster.  From the darling of society to recipient of public scorn, big tech has changed the conversation … and not for the better. What has happened to customers’ trust, and how does it change the way solution providers should position their services? What new services can be leveraged, and how can the apparent difficulties in the market be leveraged into real opportunity?

This webinar will provide attendees with guidance for the new reality of customer perception by showcasing:

  • How the market has changed
  • What the pitfalls are
  • How to create new service opportunities to stand apart from the crowd

Dave Sobel will be presenting “Making Ethics Pay in a World of Distrust and Big Tech” on March 11 at Channel Partners Conference & Expo. In his presentation, he’ll discuss more on ethics and how you can impact customer perceptions in a world where trust is eroding. He will also be moderating the “Debate 2020: The Future of Distribution.” in this can’t-miss debate, executives from the traditional and emerging distribution channels will face off on the question “Is traditional distribution becoming irrelevant?” Join us in Las Vegas to see which argument will emerge triumphant!

Watch it on demand now.

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Dave Sobel

Dave Sobel

Dave Sobel is regarded as a leading expert in the delivery of technology services, with broad experience in both technology and business. For more than a decade he owned and operated an IT solution provider and MSP that won multiple awards, including Kaseya’s Cutting Edge and ConnectWise’s Best New Idea, as well as being a finalist for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the Year in the Small Business Specialist category. He later worked for multiple vendors, including such as Level Platforms, GFI, LogicNow and SolarWinds, leading community, event, marketing and product strategies, as well as several M&A activities. Sobel hosts the podcast “The Business of Tech, co-hosts the podcast “Killing IT” and authored the book “Virtualization: Defined.”

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