On-Demand Webinar: 7 Game-Changing Ideas to Win New Business

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There’s never been a better time to win new customers and displace competitors — or a worse time to continue “business as usual.” What should you be doing, and how can you take advantage of this market opportunity to grow your sales?

Mike Schmidtmann, a business-creation expert who works with partners across the U.S. to improve sales growth and profitability, is ready to show you the way.

This program highlights seven of the most effective methods to transform your company into a new-business-generation powerhouse. You will hear real-world stories of companies using innovative tactics to win huge sales and will learn:

  • Unconventional ways to gain high-level appointments
  • How to leverage specialization and differentiation
  • Ways to convert your expertise into sales opportunity


Mike SchmidtmannMike Schmidtmann
Business Consultant
Trans4mers LLC

Mike Schmidtmann has led information technology sales teams for more than 20 years. He works with organizations throughout the United States to improve their sales recruiting, new business development, and profit growth. During the past five years, Mike has led the Trans4mers peer groups for sales leaders in the IT industry. Members of these groups consistently out-perform the industry in sales growth, profitability, and innovation. Mike produces the award-winning Trans4mers webinar series, and frequently writes for IT publications on sales and automation topics. Mike speaks to industry groups on a broad scope of value-driven business and sales topics. His sessions focus on maximizing personal and professional potential while featuring humor, interactive games, and audience participation.

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