You don’t have to look hard to see evidence of the changing channel, with mergers and acquisitions being at the forefront of the evolution — and revolution.

Masters and distributors buying fellow masters and distis have led the way — look no farther than ScanSource buying Intelisys and Telarus buying CarrierSales, for a pair of examples.

AppDirect‘s acquisition of master agent WTG is a little different. The former bought the latter and merged it with NeoCloud, a North Carolina-based cloud service provider, creating a new unit called AppSmart in the process.

At the recently concluded Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, our James Anderson caught up with Dan Saks, AppDirect’s CEO, and Julie Dzubay, WTG’s vice president of sales operations, to learn about the long-lasting impact the deal will have on the channel and how partners stand poised to benefit.

They also discussed the launch of the WTG Marketplace, a major opportunity for partners coming in June.

WTG Marketplace Launch Just Around the Corner

Our revealing interview with WTG and AppDirect features a very interesting nugget for sales partners.

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