WTG Marketplace Launch Just Around the Corner

You don’t have to look hard to see evidence of the changing channel, with mergers and acquisitions being at the forefront of the evolution — and revolution.

Masters and distributors buying fellow masters and distis have led the way — look no farther than ScanSource buying Intelisys and Telarus buying CarrierSales, for a pair of examples.

AppDirect‘s acquisition of master agent WTG is a little different. The former bought the latter and merged it with NeoCloud, a North Carolina-based cloud service provider, creating a new unit called AppSmart in the process.

At the recently concluded Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, our James Anderson caught up with Dan Saks, AppDirect’s CEO, and Julie Dzubay, WTG’s vice president of sales operations, to learn about the long-lasting impact the deal will have on the channel and how partners stand poised to benefit.

They also discussed the launch of the WTG Marketplace, a major opportunity for partners coming in June.

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