In this Channel Partners Fast Chat, executive editor Craig Galbraith talks with Michelle Kadlacek, vice president, Spectrum Enterprise channel partner program, about how the cable company is serving its business customers via partners with cutting-edge services.

The conversation includes an update on Spectrum’s evolving partner program and an update on solutions offered.

“We’re the fourth-largest Ethernet provider in the country. … We’ve got a broad portfolio of fiber services from dedicated internet to Ethernet access and network solutions, to your complex data products as well,” said Kadlacek. “We’ve got a team of experts that work very closely with our partners to design a solution and help them meet their customers’ needs.”

On challenges partners face in working with providers and how Spectrum Enterprise addresses them:

“We’ve coined [2019] the ‘year of the partner.’ We’ve gone to our partners, done extensive site surveys, advisory council meetings … day-to-day interactions with our partners to validate that what we’re working on is meeting our objectives and our initiatives. It’s about ease of doing business.”

On products Spectrum Enterprise provides to help partners grow their businesses:

“Where we’re seeing partners succeed is going up-market, taking advantage of some of our broader portfolio from an Ethernet standpoint, even to some of our complex voice services.”

Fast Chat: Spectrum Enterprise Defines the Digital Experience in the Channel

Spectrum Enterprise is helping partners and customers navigate the digital experience with cutting-edge solutions.

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