Limited resources make some cloud choices difficult for channel firms. Invest in cloud technologies that customers use today, or what they’re likely to use in five years?

Both are necessary, but tomorrow’s successful channel leaders will focus more on the future than the present. That’s scary, but less so if you’re closely monitoring macro business and technology trends.

In this keynote from the successful Channel Partners Conference & Expo Business Success Symposium preconference, April 17, 2018, Tony Safoian, CEO and president of technology consultancy firm SADA Systems, shared his strategy for making strategic investments in cloud infrastructure, AI and IoT — people, tools and services.

Winning the long game is about caring about customer success today and beyond, and that means having the courage to direct scarce resources to business opportunities that have not yet fully developed.

Watch Safoian’s keynote below for advice on taking this important step into the cloud. Read our recap of his presentation here.

CP Expo Keynote: SADA Systems — See the ‘Cloudy’ Future and Make Bold Decisions

Tomorrow’s successful channel leaders will focus more on the future than the present when it comes to decisions about cloud.

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