It seems like no more than a few days can go by without another merger or acquisition that shakes the channel landscape.

It’s not uncommon for partners to groan when they first hear of the latest M&A activity, since it narrows choice and also influences service-provider and channel-partner strategies and alignments.

In the keynote video below from the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, April 18, 2018, Eric Warren, president of the Americas at GTT, provides insights into how the channel can benefit from mergers and acquisitions. Besides a more expansive network reach and deeper bench of product offerings, partners can benefit from the improved sales and marketing support that comes with increased operational scale. —

GTT has acquired and successfully integrated over 30 companies in the last decade, so Warren possesses deep insight into how partners can come out ahead in integration scenarios. When done watching the video, read our recap of Warren’s presentation.

CP Expo Keynote: GTT — M&A Can Create, Not Hamper, Channel Opportunity

Yes, mergers and acquisitions narrow choice and also influence service-provider and channel-partner strategies and alignments. But you can take advantage.

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