ZONE Telecom Debuts ILEC MVNO

ZONE Telecom Inc. (Booth 420) debuted a new wireless program for ILECs reselling its services. ZONE Mobile is the companys version of an MVNO. ILECs choose from a range of bundling options and can brand the services to their liking. The service was expected to be available during the third quarter of 2007. A recent […]

Comstar Enhances Comstar Dealer Zone

Comstar Interactive recently announced the 10.6.0 version of its Comstar Dealer Zone, a Web-based service that allows Comstar sales partners to activate new merchants, edit existing merchant accounts, order products and services, and view user guides and marketing material. The latest release provides Comstar sales partners with a Web-based interface that allows them to migrate […]

BeQuick Adds Web-Based Order System to OSS

BeQuick Software Inc. (Booth 315) has added a new Web-based ordering system that is fully integrated with its OSS platform, QuickTel. The new system enables a CLECs customers to order service directly via the CLECs Web site. Whether the customer is ordering new service or is converting an existing line, the system intelligently displays only […]

ZONE Launches VoIP Services

ZONE Telecom Inc. (Booth 301) announces it has begun rolling out its VoIP products, including VoIP Transport, to its partners. ZONEs VoIP Transport solution allows customers with IP data circuits to bring all of their voice traffic into their private data network for substantial savings on national and international calling costs. ZONE also says it […]

ZONE Launches VoIP Services

ZONE Telecom Inc. (Booth 627) announced it will roll out VoIP products to its partners as early as this summer. The new line includes the ZONE Broadband Phone, for residential and consumer customers, and the ZONE Broadband Phone Business, for business customers. Product features include voice mail, voice mail retrieval via e-mail, call waiting, caller […]

California Raises Wholesale Phone Rates

California regulators have raised the wholesale rates SBC Communications Inc. is authorized to charge rivals, inciting at least one phone company to partially cease marketing and drawing criticism that the price increases will hit the wallets of consumers and businesses. The ruling affects about 1.4 million lines San Antonio, Texas-based SBC leases to competitors and […]

VoIP Enters Neutral Zone

As delivery of VoIP services becomes more attractive to carriers, they accordingly are looking to migrate their carrier-to-carrier connections. Since we last reported on this topic in the April 2004 issue of PHONE+, several additional options now are on the table in support of this goal. In late May, for example, InfiniRoute Networks Inc. came […]


Posted: 06/2002 MARGIN MAKERS VS. MARGIN BREAKERS A Rational Approach to Target Marketing Under UNE-P By Carey Roesel and Craig Neeld THE UNBUNDLED NETWORK elements platform (UNE-P) has been characterized as resale with twice the margin. If this is true, does it ever make sense to pursue pure resale? Are the strategies any different between […]

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