BlackBerry’s ‘Chances of Success Are Minimal’

BlackBerry’s swoon started years ago when Apple and a bevy of Android manufacturers introduced user-friendly phones and big application marketplaces that left the Canada-based company in the dust.

BlackBerry Breakup Likely With Few Suitors Remaining

Apple and a bevy of Android manufacturers with massive user-friendly app stores left BlackBerry behind as the smartphone revolution took off a few years ago. The company has fallen farther and farther behind ever since.

Poll: Which Is the Best Smartphone of 2013?

Apple’s iPhone 5s. Samsung’s Galaxy S4. The HTC One. Google’s Moto X. BlackBerry’s Z10. Nokia’s Lumia 1020. Tell us which is the best handset of the year.

BlackBerry Z10 Officially a Disaster

Watching BlackBerry try to hang on to relevance is like thinking Anthony Weiner is still in the running for mayor of New York. It just isn’t happening.

Q5 ‘Could Become BlackBerry’s Best Selling Device’

A lot of attention has been heaped on the BlackBerry Z10, the Canada-based company’s first smartphone that runs the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, but it’s the just-announced Q5 that might turn out to be the brand’s new jewel.

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