Social Media Best Practices for Small Businesses

Only 12 percent of SMBs feel they’re getting the most out their use of social media. It is the trusted adviser’s job to communicate to SMB customers how they can better leverage technology and grow their businesses.

Homeland Security Watching Facebook, Hulu, Dozens of Others

A government official says the program was intended solely to enable officials to stay in touch with Internet-era media so they were aware of significant, developing events to which Homeland Security or its agencies might have to respond.

Dell Aero Flies Into AT&T Stores

The Aero only runs on Android 1.5, but is a smartphone bargain if youre willing to settle for an older operating system.

Googles Pay TV Could Rival iTunes?

Google Inc. is mulling whether or not to offer paid television streaming via its YouTube subsidiary, and the scuttle is that the move could give Apple Inc.’s hegemony on per-episode purchases a run for its money. The cost per YouTube episode will reportedly be $1.99 – the same as the average cost of a television […]

Hold the Line: Does Web 2.0/Voice 3.0 Live Up to the Hype?

If industry speculation is realized, service providers not offering the latest in Web 2.0/Voice 3.0 content and connectivity could be overtaken by the Googles and Skypes of the world. But many service providers, even the CLECs often viewed as being more forward-thinking than incumbent telcos are taking the hype in stride. Yes, they know they […]

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