FCC Service Provider Filing and Fee Requirements

FCC Service Provider Filing and Fee Requirements The information below summarizes the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) filing requirements and regulatory assessments generally applicable to telecommunications service providers. Interest on late payments and/or other penalties typically apply to companies either not filing or underpaying. Data in the chart represents the best information available as of March […]

xDSL: First Technology, Now Marketing

Posted: 04/1999 xDSL: First Technology, Now Marketing By Peter Lambert A handful of aggressive competitive carriers, regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) and Internet service providers (ISPs) spent much of 1998 trying to prove broadband access technologies in the real world. According to analysts, although some technological hurdles remain in their path, the pioneers in high-speed […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 03/1999 New Year Marked by Across-the-Board Rate Adjustments RateXchange trading activity surged at the beginning of the year. Carriers adjusted their rates across the board with new wholesale promotions. This was most clearly evident in nonindexed routes, such as Chile, Denmark, Jordan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and the Syrian Arab Republic minutes […]

Self-Provisioning: Carriers’ Next Battleground?

Posted: 02/1999 Self-Provisioning: Carriers’ Next Battleground? By Ken Branson Self-provisioning–a retail customer’s ability to get into a carrier’s provisioning system and order, change or cancel service–is arriving this year for customers of some big long distance carriers, pushing this enabling capability to the frontlines in the war for business and residential subscribers. For some business […]

CompTel, ACTA Agree to Merge

Posted: 01/1999 CompTel, ACTA Agree to Merge By Charlene O’Hanlon and Khali Henderson After years of rumors, failed negotiations and mounting vendor pressure, two of the primary long distance industry groups–The Com-petitive Tele-communications Association (CompTel) and America’s Carriers Telecommunications Association (ACTA)–have signed a letter of intent to combine their memberships. Completion of the merger was […]

A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future

Posted: 12/1998 A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future As I sit down to address this letter, I am torn over what to talk about. Access reform. Slamming. Election results. Each current. Each controversial. Yet, my thoughts keep coming back to one thing–my grandmother, Edith Smith LaBronte Cox. She died yesterday; she was 89. She […]

Don’t Overlook Non-IS Systems in Y2K Planning

Posted: 12/1998 Don’t Overlook Non-IS Systems in Y2K Planning By Jim Marsh Got Y2K covered? Don’t congratulate yourself too soon. There may be a whole world of strategic, but noncritical back-office applications you haven’t even considered. Two little numbers! "00." They are causing massive headaches for the world’s information technologists. When computer memory was expensive, […]

Frontier Reinventing Itself … Again

Posted: 11/1998 Frontier Reinventing Itself … Again By Ken Branson "We’re a 100-year-old telecommunications company celebrating its first anniversary," says Joesph P. Clayton, the new president and CEO of Rochester, N.Y.-based Frontier Corp. Frontier, which sprang from the venerable Rochester Telephone Company, is in the midst of a transition, which began roughly at the time […]

Recovering the Controversial Costs of Universal Service

Posted: 06/1998 Recovering the Controversial Costs of Universal Service By Thomas K. Crowe, Esq. In May 1997, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted its controversial universal service ruling, few service providers comprehended the effect the program would have on their businesses. Today, all service providers with even minimal interstate traffic must pay approximately 3.9 […]

What It Takes to Make It, or "Hey Buddy, Show Me Your Machine!"

Posted: 05/1998 What It Takes to Make It, or "Hey Buddy, Show Me Your Machine!" By Dan Baldwin At the AgENt show in Houston this past February, we had a very popular panel discussion on how a person could go from being an agent to being a reseller. For this month’s column we’d like to […]

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