Frontier Wholesale Services To Offer GreaterGlobalization

Posted: 09/1999 Frontier Wholesale Services To Offer Greater Globalization By Liz Montalbano The wholesale services division of Frontier Corp. will have a stronger international presence now that the Rochester, N.Y.-based carrier will merge with Hamilton, Bermuda-based Global Crossing Ltd., according to Anthony J. Palma, vice president of carrier marketing for Frontier. "I think the biggest […]

Business News – CBI To Buy IXC; Carrier Turns from Wholesale Roots

Posted: 09/1999 CBI To Buy IXC; Carrier Turns from Wholesale Roots By Ken Branson John Zrno, president and CEO of IXC Communications Inc., Austin, Texas, already has begun turning the carrier away from its wholesale business, a process he expects will accelerate when IXC’s $3.2 billion acquisition by Cincinnati Bell Inc. (CBI), Cincinnati, goes through […]

Bandwidth Rates Leveling; Arbitrage Opportunityor Abundant Demand?

Posted: 09/1999 Bandwidth Rates Leveling; Arbitrage Opportunity or Abundant Demand? In the second month of applying RateXchange’s index methodology to U.S. East-West bandwidth rates, the market is betting that prices will be relatively stable over the next year. This is the same trend identified in the last issue of PHONE+, as traded contracts on average […]

What’s Bugging Us?

Posted: 08/1999 What’s Bugging Us? Not nearly enough, it seems. In my favorite science fiction novel, "Ender’s Game," author Orson Scott Card fashions a world that is connected by computer network, allowing people to communicate in online forums not unlike today’s chat rooms. Two of the characters, genetically architected prodigies, hide their youth and identities […]

Bandwidth Benchmark Index Reveals PricingShortcomings

Posted: 08/1999 Bandwidth Benchmark Index Reveals Pricing Shortcomings In the first application of RateXchange’s new TeleCommodities market indices, traders could assume significant temporal arbitrage opportunities. The Real-Time Bandwidth Exchange*Revealed Price Index (RTBX*RPI), which tracks the current weighted average price, is applied to DS-3 bandwidth for major U.S. East-West Coast routes in the chart below for […]

Business News – Voice Takes DSL Center Stage at SUPERCOMM ’99

Posted: 08/1999 Voice Takes DSL Center Stage at SUPERCOMM ’99 By Peter Lambert Over the past year, national digital subscriber line (DSL) competitive carriers have established a model for reselling high-speed local transport to Internet service providers (ISPs), enabling the latter to offer Internet access speeds more than 100 times faster than dial-up Internet access. […]

3G Wireless Holds Opportunities, Threats for WirelineOperators

Posted: 07/1999 3G Wireless Holds Opportunities, Threats for Wireline Operators By Keith Shank Third-generation wireless technology (3G) is on its way, and wireline operators need to be ready. If you’ve been thinking of 3G as simply high-speed wireless data, you’re going to be unprepared for the coming communications evolution. That’s because 3G is about more […]

Networks: Terabit Routers Take on Networking’s Heavy Lifting

Posted: 06/1999 Terabit Routers Take on Networking’s Heavy Lifting By Charlotte Wolter The very phrase terabit router has an awesome ring, conjuring images of huge streams of data under the control of a powerful, fast machine. Indeed, terabit routers–which will switch 1 trillion bits per second and more–will sit at the hearts of some of […]

FPSTN Rates Decline by 50 Percent in One Year

Posted: 06/1999 FPSTN Rates Decline by 50 Percent in One Year Forecasting RateXchange’s market indices for the first year, it is evident that telephony rates for United States-Asia and United States-Europe will decline by more than 50 percent since the indices first were tracked at the beginning of June 1997. The European index already has […]

Carrier Channel: Crossing the Pond

Posted: 06/1999 Crossing the Pond Global Carriers Build, Buy or Lease Undersea Cable By Ken Branson The bottom of the North Atlantic has been accumulating submarine cable since 1858, when the first one was laid between North America and Europe–a telegraph cable. Since then, coaxial and then fiber optic cable has snaked under the water. […]

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