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iPhone 5c Far From a Disaster as 5s Orders Increase

Some are wondering if Apple made a mistake by offering two new smartphones at once last month following news that production for the iPhone 5c is already being cut in half. No way, says one industry insider.

BlackBerry Z30: Consumers ‘Unlikely to Buy’ It

There is a “closed circle of BlackBerry users” around the globe, particularly in the business world, who are keeping the company’s head above water; however, maybe the announcement shouldn’t have coincided with the new iPhone release.

Sprint’s Whopping $1.6 Billion Loss Is ‘Well-Timed Pain’

Sprint may be hemorrhaging customers and losing a lot of money, but so far it’s not having any impact on SoftBank, the Japan-based company that just bought more than two-thirds of America’s third-largest wireless operator for more than $20 billion.

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