Moto to Spin Off Device Unit What Now?

After weeks of rumblings around the rumor mill, Motorola Inc. did what many think it should have a while ago: announced it is separating its devices business from its Broadband and Business Mobility division (in English, thats the infrastructure side of the house). Both will be standalone, publicly traded companies. Investors were huzzah-ing, with Motorolas […]

Sprint, Clearwire Together Again?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint Nextel Corp. and Clearwire Corp. have re-started their talks to jointly build and operate a nationwide WiMAX network. The two had previously tried to do that before ending the agreement last November, leaving Sprint to alone shoulder the burden of meeting its goal of covering 100 million […]

Wireless+: UMDs Find Xohm Sweet Home

Theres been a lot of talk about all the shiny new devices everyone from the Big Three carmakers to kitchen appliance manufacturers will offer to take advantage of the forthcoming 4G world of always-on, ubiquitous, high-speed connectivity. However, the first 4G devices likely will be handhelds, laptops and ultramobile devices integrated with WiMAX functionality. Built […]

Choppy Waters for Sprint; WiMAX Bobbing Along?

Gary Forsee, embattled chairman and CEO of Sprint Nextel, resigned on Monday, leaving a train of speculation in his wake as to whether the company can turn around its ailing financials and continue to capitalize on the mobile broadband movement. Most notably, some financial analysts say that Forsees planned Xohm WiMAX network expected to cost […]

Getting in the Xohm

The much heralded, long-awaited mobile WiMAX network from Sprint Nextel got an official unveiling Tuesday night with a VoIP-on-the-handset application, on a boat floating serenely down the Chicago River. Later, Xohm chief Barry West gave the industry a few more details as to what we can expect when the service goes commercial next year, emphasizing […]

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