Roundtable Asks What a Partner is Worth

Wednesdays roundtable definitely got partners talking. What is a Partner Worth? a point/counterpoint discussion between carriers and their indirect sales reps was led by MarketRace founder Michael Fair, who facilitated an interesting discussion between these two camps. The packed house found Chris Bantoft, executive vice president for alternate channels at PAETEC, and Sandy Spencer, vice […]

What is a Partner Worth?

Hopefully, yesterdays panel got down to the heart of the matter on this question: What is a partner worth? Unfortunately, this letter goes to press before the roundtable, so I cant comment on the discussion. But I didnt want the opportunity to slip by altogether. My personal feeling is that the worth of a partner […]

What is a Partner Worth?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO I have often had a vacillating relationship with carriers. Mainly because while they like to call us “partners, it is not usually the case. We are inexpensive tools for their sales department. When you have sold millions of dollars of billing for a company, you would think there would be a […]

What’s Worth Watching?

If you don’t pay careful attention, things can slip by you. This is especially true of pets, children and innovation. To test your attention span and take a break from telecom’s tedious twins of regulation and consolidation, PHONE+’s editors have compiled a “what, when, why, who” list of some of the cool opportunities and enablers […]

Verizon Wireless Completes NextWave License Transaction

Verizon Wireless and NextWave Telecom Inc. said today they have completed the transaction, originally announced in November, for Verizon Wireless to purchase all of NextWave’s PCS spectrum licenses. The deal covers 23 markets around the country and is worth $3 billion. The 10 and 20MHz licenses, in the 1.9GHz PCS frequency range, pass over a […]

ROUND TABLE: on the telecom industry’s economic recovery

Posted: 06/2002 Round Table… … on the telecom industry’s economic recovery“All indicators point toward service providers returning to health in late 2003, but still no noticeable increase in overall capex until 2004. While traffic growth remains strong, average long-haul trunk capacity utilization is just 35 percent and service providers have found numerous means to extract […]

Back Office – Getting Their Money’s Worth

Posted: 07/2001 Back Office Getting Their Money’s Worth Resellers Discover the Value of Network Monitoring By Chris Garifo Resellers are gaining a degree of network management capability to ensure they’re getting their money’s worth from wholesale partners and as a source of revenue from end customers.The drive toward greater reseller involvement in monitoring network performance […]

A Friend in Need or a Friend in Greed?

Posted: 05/2000 A Friend in Need or a Friend in Greed?A friend, I am told, is worth more than pure gold.Popeye, “Popeye the Sailor Man”In a recent coincidence, Popeye’s reference to pure gold could be interpreted to mean shares of stock at exactly the right time.Reported profits in shares of “friends and family” stock the […]

NEXTLINK and Concentric to Merge in $2.9 BillionStock Swap

Posted: 03/2000 NEXTLINK and Concentric to Merge in $2.9 Billion Stock Swap NEXTLINK Communications Inc. (www.nextlink.com) and Concentric Network Corp. (www.concentric.com) have agreed to merge in a stock-for-stock deal worth $2.9 billion. Officials of the companies say the merger, expected to close in the second quarter, will create an unbeatable combination of local access (NEXTLINK) […]

Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing

Posted: 09/1998 Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing By Ken Branson As the competitive seas are overrun, long distance companies are crowding on canvas and lightening ship. Anything that isn’t a "core competency" or "strategic" or can be done more efficiently by someone else may be dropped over the corporate gunwale. This includes call […]

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