XO Joins Stealths VPF

XO Communications Inc. said today it has interconnected with Stealth Communications’ Voice Peering Fabric (VPF), the world’s largest peering network that allows members to exchange VoIP traffic without relying on traditional telephone networks. The VPF allows calls on different VoIP networks to be traded without traversing the PSTN. Rather, the VPF is a distributed Ethernet […]

Wi-Fi Guys Upgrades Technologies for Hotel Installations

Wi-Fi Guys LLC, which sells managed hotspots for hotels and public facilities through agents, now is installing T1s and network power controllers to ensure performance and reliability. Wi-Fi Guys says it began installing network power controllers to address operational inconsistencies within hotels disparate high-speed Internet access networks. The technology also provides for remote management, which […]

reseller channel: Will BPL, Wireless Save ISPs?

This summer the FCC in a 4-0 vote adopted an order classifying DSL as an information service, not a telecom service, under Title I, in line with the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in June on cable modem service in NCTA v. Brand X. The deregulation effectively releases the Bells from the requirement to make DSL […]

FCC Releases DSL Deregulation Order

The FCC on Friday released the order on its decision earlier this summer to deregulate DSL. The document clarified the FCCs August move to free the Bell companies from obligations to make their DSL networks available to independent Internet service providers. It was still too early Monday afternoon for many of the RBOCs and various […]

Eureka, InfoHighway Combo Offers Key Advantages to Partners

Show sponsors Eureka Networks (Booth 515) and InfoHighway Communications (Booth 515) at Channel Partners will provide education on how their merger will benefit the channel. InfoHighway will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eureka Networks, and the two companies will retain their respective names. The partner channel programs will be combined. Members of the […]

AuBeta Adds VAN, Seeks Partners

AuBeta Networks (Booth 913), which sells WANs over a private network, says it has bolstered its technology with new elements it is calling its Value Added Network, or VAN. These elements centralize resources such as VPNs, remote management, process connectors, and so on, reducing costs, and improving availability, redundancy and performance, according to AuBeta. The […]

Switch and Data Connects New York

By expanding its presence in carrier hotels at 60 Hudson and 111 8th Ave. in New York City, Switch and Data, an exchange and neutral colocation provider, says it has become the largest interconnection provider to telecom carriers, content providers, ISPs, VoIP providers and enterprises in the market. The company now provides interconnection to more […]

Interop Challenges VoIP Service Providers

The challenges that VoIP service providers face getting the disparate elements on their networks to work together faultlessly is the focus of this session. VoIP networks provide the opportunity to mix vendors and elements in highly customized configurations, but that flexibility is the source of much of the frustration for network integrators trying to get […]

Broadview Networks Expands Presence

Show sponsor Broadview Networks/BridgeCom (Booth 403) announces it has added eight network colocations in the New York City and Westchester County area, deepening its coverage in those markets and bringing the total number of colocations to 185. Broadview Networks, which recently merged with BridgeCom, is a major network-based communications provider in New England and the […]

American Telesis Acquires Synergy Networks

Show sponsor American Telesis (Booth 602), a facilities-based carrier offering a suite of data and IP products across the United States and Canada, announces it has acquired Synergy Networks, a New York City-based company providing network services to firms within the financial industry. The privately held Synergy Networks specializes in providing trader voice circuits and […]

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