Shift Happens

It isn’t change that makes or breaks you — it’s how you handle it.

Dialing It In

Gallup developed 12 questions to ask employees to determine if they were properly engaged with the company. Determining the level of engagement for your organization is critical.


This is the first issue of PHONE+ since the massacre at Virginia Tech some 45 days after the event. I point this out on purpose because the monthly magazine cycle stands in sharp contrast to electronic journalism. But even TV and online dailies are no match for the youwitness variety that characterized the most recent […]

IBM, AT&T Enter SMB Market

With SMBs an increasingly hot market in the telecom world, two major industry players are going after what has typically been the target for smaller companies. IBM Corp. and AT&T Corp. this week said they are rolling out their own service bundles for small and medium-sized businesses, which will be sold through their respective partner […]

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