FCC Won’t Complete Triennial Review This Month

The Federal Communications Commission will not complete its Triennial Review of the unbundled network element – platform this year. “We are not expecting the Triennial to be completed by this month, December. We are looking toward the early part of next year, January, February time-frame,” an FCC spokesman said Monday. The FCC is scheduled to […]

AT&T to Acquire Velocita Assets

AT&T Corp. expects to close an agreement Friday to buy a portion of the assets of bankrupt long-haul carrier Velocita Corp. for $37 million in cash and stock, a source said. AT&T will buy conduit and fiber assets for $2 million in cash and $35 million in stock, the source added, but said he didn’t […]


Posted: 09/2002 Overheard… … in July 30 testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation … "[T]o address the capital shortage facing the telecommunications industry, telecom firms must work diligently to clean up their balance sheets to restore some financial stability and reality to this industry." —Michael K. Powell, Chairman, FCC , […]

The Letter: And the Winner Is

Posted: 09/2002 And the Winner Is AS WE HEAD INTO THE CAMPAIGN SEASON, it seems appropriate to talk about winners and losers. Only, it’s not tight races for Senate and House seats that weigh on our minds, it’s the contest for the embattled telecom market. WorldCom’s July bankruptcy filing signaled a new, more desperate phase […]


Posted: 06/2002 Overheard… … during the April PHONE+ Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas …  “It’s so nice to be a monopoly if you can hold onto it. Now we’re just surviving, not thriving, and we need to make some changes.” –Michael McDonnell, vice president, business partner program, Qwest Communications International Inc. On Tap […]

Potential Bell Merger with a Big 3 IXC

Posted: 05/2002 Potential Bell Merger with a Big 3 IXC“Over the next few years we’ll see the merging of local and long-distance companies, but this time it won’t be so threatening to regulators, and they won’t be blocked. Over the next year or two, local and long-distance companies will start to offer the same kinds […]

Agency – AT&T Says Restructuring Won’t Affect Channels

Posted: 03/2001 Agency AT&T Says Restructuring Won’t Affect Channels By Josh Long AT&T Business Services, the crown jewel generating more than 50 percent of the corporation’s revenue, says it expects the announced AT&T Corp. (www.att.com) restructuring plan will have no effect on its agent and resale programs. AT&T announced in October it will restructure into […]

Thanks 11.5 Million!

Posted: 09/2000 Thanks 11.5 Million! As this issue of PHONE+ is put to bed, Verizon Communications (www.verizon.com) has announced that it has won 1 million long-distance customers in New York. The goal, it says, was reached five months ahead of target, and, I might add, just seven months after the company–the merged Bell Atlantic-GTE–received FCC […]

Regulatory News – Frontier Won’t Let Dead Dogs Lie; Appeals Ruling

Posted:  06/2000 Frontier Won’t Let Dead Dogs Lie; Appeals Ruling By Kim Sunderland Frontier Communications Services Inc. (www.frontiercorp.com) filed an appeal with a Washington federal court seeking to overturn an FCC (www.fcc.gov) decision that could cost the IXC tens of millions of dollars.Frontier wants the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (www.cadc.uscourts.gov) to […]

Opcenter: When the Phones Won’t Stop Ringing

Posted: 09/1999 When the Phones Won’t Stop Ringing By James R. Dukart Ironically, one of the worst things that can happen to a small or medium-sized competitive carrier is that its phones start ringing off the hook. Ringing off the hook, that is, because a flood of new clients needs a variety of services a […]

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