MetroPCS Contracts With BeVocal

Wireless provider MetroPCS Communications Inc. has contracted with BeVocal Inc. for automated customer service. BeVocals self-service applications move beyond traditional IVR to deliver an integrated, multichannel solution for handset activation, customer care, promotional offers, and sales and fulfillment of add-on features. The solution is available through various interfaces including speech, SMS, Web, WAP and J2ME/BREW, […]

Webinars a Win-Win for Web Conferencing Sellers, Buyers

One way to boost conferencing sales is to stop talking about it as a cost-saving communications tool and start talking about it as a profit-making presentation tool. “It’s gotten to the point that [conferencing is] affordable for everybody. …The education of the market is done; now, it comes down to gaining market share,” says Greg […]

Crafting a Win-Win Contract

Posted: 06/1999 Crafting a Win-Win Contract By Liz Montalbano Even the best contracts don’t always protect agents from hassles or litigation, and the worst ones can cheat them out of their money and sanity faster than a nasty divorce. Agent contracts are like spouses–sometimes you love ’em, sometimes you hate ’em, and they can ruin […]

Dedicated Service: An Easier Sell Than You Think

Posted: 11/1998 Dedicated Service: An Easier Sell Than You Think By Kieren McCobb Stepping over a dollar to make a dime, most long distance agents are overlooking a profitable opportunity in dedicated voice services. Their reasons for doing so largely are ignorance and fear. Behind the veil of mystery surrounding dedicated voice service, however, agents […]

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