Icahn Motorola Board Bid Fails

Carl Icahn and Motorola Inc. CEO Ed Zander wont be sharing the board room after all. Icahn has failed to win a seat on the board after a shareholder vote this week at the annual meeting in Chicago. Existing board members, however, were re-elected, perhaps an indicator that shareholders were willing to stick with Zanders […]

Senate Criminalizes Pretexting

The Senate this weekend passed a bill that criminalizes pretexting, or the act of fraudulently obtaining consumers private phone records. The push to make pretexting illegal stemmed from the HP scandal earlier this year, when the company used private detectives to get phone records of journalists, managers and directors. The Telephone Records and Privacy Protection […]

Reports: Google, Comcast Want to Buy Part of AOL

Media reports on Thursday said Google Inc. and cable company Comcast Corp. want to buy a minority stake in America Online, which is owned by Time Warner Inc. Microsoft Corp. also reportedly is in talks to buy part of AOL. If Google and Comcast are successful, it would mean Comcast could offer AOL content to […]

Buyers Advocacy: Dare to be Different

Have you ever lost a deal you knew was in the bag? Have you ever had a client say, Yes, yes, yes until it came time to sign, and then you lost the deal? Are you tired of hearing call me next week or call me next month? Finally, are you frustrated with clients who […]

Ready, Willing &Web-enabled

Posted: 2/2003 Ready, Willing & Web-enabled Key SMBs Prime Targets for Web Collaboration Tools By Helen Chan THE USE OF THE INTERNET for collaborative purposes among some small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is an emerging trend. The increase in SMB broadband adoption — estimated at a 17 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2001 […]

In Box – Give Marconi His Due

Posted: 04/2001 In Box Give Marconi His Due In point of fact, Marconi invented the wireless telegraph (January PHONE+, Intellectual Capital. Although it was the first digital wireless system (binary dot-dash code), and a remarkable development, it was not what we call radio; Fessenden, deForest, Armstrong, and others built on Marconi’s work, using first amplitude, […]

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