Protocall to Provide VoIP for Keller Williams Realty

Protocall Communications, a Las Vegas-based hosted IP communications reseller, will provide VoIP for Keller Williams Realty Inc. Protocall will provide IP communications platforms for more than 600 offices and 72,500 real estate associates. Among the platforms expected to be deployed is CommPartners Connect for Linksys, which enables the delivery of data, voice and video applications […]

People Then & Now

THEN: U.S. District Court Judge Harold H. Greene was just a few years past presiding over the antitrust suit that broke up the AT&T monopoly. The case was one of Greenes first after being named to the bench. NOW: Judge Greene, who stopped hearing cases in 1998 and died in 2000, always will be remembered […]

Roy A. Wilkens

THEN: Roy A. Wilkens was president of Williams Telecommunications Co. (WilTel) in 1987 and was beginning to be vindicated for his gutsy decision — as president of Williams Pipeline Co. — to use the company’s gas rights of way for fiber-optic telecommunications. The company would do a brisk business in wholesale capacity and would be […]

Competitors Still Pursuing Consolidation

Competitive telecommunications providers still are aiming to improve the bottom line through mergers and acquisitions. With plenty of assets on the market, dealmakers once saddled by huge debt obligations have conceded the necessity of getting bigger, some executives say. Many private companies backed by venture capitalists do not have an exit strategy to go public […]

WilTel Expands to Secondary Markets to Tackle Enterprise Market

WilTel Communications Group Inc. (Booth 810) has announced Extended On-Net Service, a large initiative to extend DS3s and above to 300-plus Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets in the United States. The carrier says it is part of a push to attract enterprise customers and other heavy users of bandwidth. There are challenges for companies […]

Fixed Wireless Round Two

Posted: 2/2004 Fixed Wireless Round TwoMetro Wholesalers Step Back in the RF Ring By Khali Henderson Fixed wireless was once a darling of the tech boom. CLEC hopefuls Teligent Inc., Winstar Communications Inc. and Advanced Radio Telecom Corp. hitched their wagons to its rising star in hopes of shortcutting the trench-digging path of their rivals […]

Carrier Channel: WCG Appoints CEO, Emerges as WilTel

Posted: 12/2002 WCG Appoints CEO, Emerges as WilTel By Josh Long WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS GROUP Inc. (WCG) has appointed a new president and CEO after emerging from bankruptcy this fall. It also has a new but familiar name: WilTel Communications Inc. New chief executive Jeffrey K. Storey also will serve on the board of directors. He […]

Williams Communications Emerges from Bankruptcy

Williams Communications Group Inc., a national carrier selling voice and data services to other communications companies over a 33,000-mile backbone network, today announced it has emerged from bankruptcy with a lot less debt and a new name, WilTel. WilTel emerges with a new $375 million credit facility and no “substantial” debt obligations other than commitments […]

News Briefs: SBC, Williams Communications Wrangle Over Master Agreement

Posted: 10/2002 News Briefs SBC, Williams Communications Wrangle Over Master Agreement — Josh Long AS IT WAS ON PACE to emerge from bankruptcy, Williams Communications Inc. found its largest customer, SBC Communications Inc., was seeking the legal authority to terminate or alter a Master Alliance Agreement. The modification or dissolution of the agreement would give […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Ex-Carrier Sales Reps Dock at Agency Port

Posted: 10/2002 Ex-Carrier Sales Reps Dock at Agency Port By Tara Seals Nik Nesbitt WHILE THE TELECOM MARKET WEATHERS the storm of the century, disenfranchised carrier executives and direct salespeople seeking refuge from the deluge of layoffs may find channel marketing a friendly port. These professionals, often with years of experience under their belts, are […]

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