wide area network


XO Debuts Intelligent WAN

XO Communications says it is delivering a new service that provides the network performance, security and visibility IT and network managers need in order to stay ahead of daily challenges and enhance their ability to provide a superior technology experience to end-users.

Level 3 Announces New WAN Solution for Enterprises

Level 3 says its new wide-area networking solution offers a comprehensive approach to enterprise networking needs, including an integrated portfolio of Level 3’s advanced services, to better enable enterprises to optimize the performance of critical business applications.

Sprint Debuts 4G Enterprise WAN for Businesses

Sprint says this enables businesses to replace or improve on traditional “wired” options with a solution that is cost-effective, fast and flexible to deploy without compromising bandwidth and network reliability.

US Signal Offers Managed Data Center

The company says its managed data center is built with dedicated resource pools designed to rapidly provision and host virtual private servers accessible through US Signal wide-area networks.

How Is the Agent Channel Organized?

The indirect channel for communications network services has evolved somewhat differently than those for voice and data telephony gear. Those channels have a relatively straightforward structure with the vendor working directly with a dealer/reseller or using a distributor to supply product to its indirect sales partners. In the carrier world, there is a more complex […]

Seven Keys to the MPLS Kingdom

The rise of cloud computing and virtualization is just one reason MPLS-enabled solutions are beginning to stir up more buzz. Geoffrey McCarroll, director of operations for master agent Global Systems Telecom (GST), said MPLS is hot right now because customers are gaining a better understanding of technology. “Today, most companies are looking for ways to […]

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