E-Channel: Permits DSL Orders Online

Posted: 01/2001 Permits DSL Orders Online By Josh Long New Jersey-based ISP ( has automated the ordering process for DSL by furnishing an online service that earns partners a commission and facilitates sales transactions between resellers and business customers., which provides high-speed DSL Internet access and state-of-the-art website design and hosting capabilities […]

E-Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 12/2000 News Briefs * Yahoo! Inc. ( will partner with Net2Phone Inc. ( in a deal that will let the company offer Internet content over the phone, voice mail and long- distance calling. The new services will include a toll-free number–+ 1 800 MY YAHOO–called Yahoo by Phone, which will allow for spoken, personalized […]

E-Channel:, Pointsource Team Up for Portal Marketing

Posted: 10/2000, Pointsource Team Up for Portal Marketing By Tara Inc. ( has announced a partnership with online business-to-business solutions provider Pointsource Inc. ( The move is a strategic distribution play for’s high-speed Internet access and web services.Under the agreement, Pointsource will leverage its online business-to-business portal to gain wider market penetration […]

Agency Channel: Agents Work the Web

Posted: 09/2000 Agents Work the Web By Tara Seals The digital age has arrived with great fanfare. The resulting shift to data-centric carrier strategies has given network services agents a wide array of Internet-related products and services to sell into the small and medium-sized business markets. According to Greg Praske, CEO of master agency Association […]

Business News – Sprint Adds Internet Agent Program to E-Commerce Sales Initiative

Posted: 08/2000 Sprint Adds Internet Agent Program to E-Commerce Sales Initiative By Tara Seals Sprint Corp. ( unveiled in June an Internet sales affiliate program that offers performance-based commissions and per-sale cash bonuses for e-commerce orders.The program is the latest of several online sales and service moves the carrier has made during recent months.The tier […]

Industry News – Offers Services via Portal

Posted: 06/2000 Offers Services via Portal Tianrong Internet Products and Services Inc. ( has opened, a website that serves as a communications portal and operates a managed network instead of relying on the public uses its Internet Telephony Global Network as a backbone to offer a full range of personalized, web-based, communications […]

TAG, You’re It

Posted: 10/1999 TAG, You’re It If you’ve ever taken the time to read PHONE+’s tagline (it’s underneath the logo on the cover … go ahead and take a look), you’ll see that it’s not only a trade magazine for carriers and resellers, but for agents as well. Uniquely, PHONE+ devotes a portion of its monthly […]

Carriers, Customers Connect Via ‘Click-Here’Care

Posted: 08/1999 Carriers, Customers Connect Via ‘Click-Here’ Care By Susan Helen Moran Under a spring agreement with Just In Time Solutions, San Francisco, AT&T Corp. is poised to offer its 70 million residential customers web-based billing and customer care. With this move, the long distance giant will transform what was once a differentiator for smaller […]

A Road Map for Internet Billing

Posted: 04/1999 A Road Map for Internet Billing Part Three of Three By Richard K. Crone When the numbers are evaluated objectively, as was done in parts one and two of this three-part series, the biller-controlled channels for Internet bill presentment and payment (IBPP), such as direct-at-the-biller’s-own-website, offer the greatest revenue and cost-reduction opportunities in […]

Building Brands in Cyberspace

Posted: 03/1999 Building Brands in Cyberspace By Liz Montalbano In cyberspace, marketing is more than just finding a catchy way to get the masses to buy a product. There are myriad factors a brand considers when jockeying for position in a competitive industry–among them the speed of the Internet, the sheer number of users online […]

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