Pancakes and Panned

In addition to having a Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) solution, the popularity of mobile smartphones and tablets is accelerating the need to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for all IT applications.

SOHOs Plan More Smartphone Purchases

As general consumers gobble up smartphones like theyre candy, look for businesses particularly small offices/home offices (SOHO) to increase their rate of smartphone purchases in the next four years.

Leaked: All-Touchscreen webOS, Pre 3 Bound for Verizon

HP has the opportunity now to make webOS into a contender, but key to that will be carrier partnerships, marketing and smart form-factor development all aspects for which these leaks provide very interesting insight.

HP Rebrands webOS Platform, Soon Will Launch Palm Pre 2

HP has rebranded the Palm webOS platform, and soon will launch the Palm Pre 2. Theres an added just type” feature that lets users compose e-mail or start a Web search. Maybe we need to see this function in action because it sounds lame.

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