AboveNet Adds MicroCorp as Master Agent

AboveNet has added MicroCorp as a master agent for its portfolio of core metro services, including dark fiber, Ethernet and Wave connectivity.

Case Study: Benton County Connects With WAVE From Twisted Pair Solutions

The Challenge On June 27, 2000, a fiery car accident sparked a blaze in Benton County, Wash., near the Hanford Nuclear Site. Two days later, the fire had destroyed at least 73 structures and nearly 200,000 acres. Highways were closed and hundreds of homes were evacuated. The fire seriously threatened a federal facility storing radioactive […]

How to Ride the Wireless Wave

In The Graduate, a neighbor tells hero Benjamin Braddock, Theres a great future in plastics. Had the movie been filmed today, Mr. McGuire instead may have uttered, Theres a great future in wireless. While theres little doubt that wireless is the wave of the future, its important to get a grip on the most important […]

Vertical Introduces Wave IP 2500

Vertical Communications Inc. has introduced its Wave IP 2500 Business Communications System, which is an IP-based platform that includes communications applications in its base configuration. Applications included as a part of the base Wave system include the ViewPoint desktop call management tool, unified communications, presence management, visual voice mail and call recording. Wave IP 2500 […]

Orca Wave Launches New U.S. Domestic Routing Software

With increased options for U.S. termination and code management to six or seven digits and the capability to manage 124,000 to 1.24 million code breakouts, Orca Wave LLCs Orca Intelligent LCR supports a level of code granularity that greatly improves margin. And the product now offers the capability to integrate the originated call number as […]


IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND youve been in the telecom industry a long time, you might remember NextWave Telecom, one of the winners of the C-Block PCS auctions back in 1997. I followed them pretty closely for a number of years because they had a very interesting model they wanted to be a wireless […]

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