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Judge Says Warrantless Wiretapping Was Illegal

Former President Bush did indeed overstep his bounds with his post-9/11 warrantless wiretapping. That’s the finding of a federal judge, who said the Bush Administration’s eavesdropping on an Islamic foundation was illegal. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker of San Francisco also said Bush’s entire wiretapping surveillance was illegal. Groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation […]

Feds Release New Warrantless Wiretapping Report

New information has come to light about warrantless wiretapping during the Bush years. In a new report, five inspectors general say only three Justice Department lawyers knew of the eavesdropping plan. When other officials became aware of the program, they questioned its legality and people nearly resigned en masse. Much of the rest of the […]

EFF Goes to Court Against Big Brother

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), intrepid crusaders that they are, argued against retroactive telco immunity yesterday in court, even though the judge said the opposition should be presented to Congress, not in the judicial system. Huh? Doesn’t every other unpopular decision by a government agency or Congress go to an appeals court when challenged? That’s […]

Election 2008: Status Quo or New Directions?

Technology policy is not center stage in this year’s presidential campaign. Both candidates — Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Barack Obama, D-Ill. — are consumed with weightier subjects, namely the economy and Iraq. That’s not to say technology isn’t on the nominees’ minds. Obama released his tech treatise almost a year ago, and the use […]

EFF Sues Bush Administration

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing the Bush administration – including the National Security Agency – over domestic surveillance. The action is similar to the way EFF went after AT&T Inc. (T). Congress derailed that action, however.

Net Neutrality Redux: Markey Approaches the Issue from a New Angle

Rep. Ed Markey has a new take on how to approach net neutrality. The Massachusetts Democrat has proposed simply this: porting nondiscrimination philosophies from Title II of the 1934 Communications Act to Title I, where they would apply to broadband. The four amendments in the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008 echo the FCCs broadband […]

Senate Approves Retroactive Telco Immunity

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday voted 68-29 to give telcos retroactive immunity from prosecution for allegedly allowing the government to eavesdrop on subscribers phone calls. The matter has been under debate for months. The measure now goes to the House, which has passed its own bill, one amending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and […]

Senate Favors Telco Immunity

The Senate on Thursday rejected a proposal that would have expanded the governments wiretapping powers. On a vote of 60-36, lawmakers instead sided with the White House in preferring a bill that would give retroactive immunity to telecom companies that let the government use their networks to eavesdrop on Americans. There are nearly 40 civil […]

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