FRAMING UP WAN Opportunities

In wide area networking, frame relay remains the largest embedded customer base. But, along with maintaining profitable businesses, carriers want to introduce new revenue-generating services while reducing backbone operational expenses via network convergence. These forces are creating an interesting palette of opportunities in the frame relay market for the next few years. Wholesale partners can […]

reseller channel: Under New Management

By An irony of VoIP is at the same time it represents a collapsing or combining of voice and data network functionality, it complicates the quality provision of both services. This, in turn, creates an opportunity for resellers to offer enterprises that are disinterested in or illequipped to tackle this new challenge a range of […]

Learn Tricks of the Trade in the WAN Session

Wide area networks (WANs) span distances between locations, connecting branches, telecommuters and regional offices across floors, buildings, cities and even countries. Network connectivity services make it all happen, with a mix of private lines, frame relay, ATM, the Internet, IP VPNs or other. Often a complicated solution sale, partners can up their chances of success […]

In the Margins

Posted: 2/2004 In the Margins Managed Services Help Resellers Raise ARPU By Tara Seals A local chainsaw company needs a WAN to link its three retail locations with headquarters, in order to use an inventory management application that will streamline operations and bolster profitability. The problem is such a network would require at least two […]

ATM to the Rescue

Posted: 11/2003 ATM to the Rescue Consultant Helps Global Tech Company Make Cost/Performance Choice By Rudain Arafeh ATM networks today get less respect than Rodney Dangerfield, saddled as they are with the reputation of being inordinately expensive and all but obsolete in the IP era. But ATM can be the architecture of choice for a […]

Ethernet’s Star Rises Again

Posted: 07/2000 Ethernet’s Star Rises Again By Charlotte Wolter With its standard now a ripe 18 months old, gigabit Ethernet services are being launched in metropolitan areas nationwide by new network operators that provide no other service. Gigabit Ethernet lets these operators offer highly scalable and low-cost bandwidth almost on-demand, a service that is getting […]

Capitalizing on Convergence

Posted: 11/1998 Capitalizing on Convergence By Jeff Wilson Convergence" is on the tips of everyone’s tongues this year. But when spoken, it might mean one thing to one person and another to someone else. For some, the word conjures images of new carrier infrastructure, built of glass and carrying voice and data in packets. Other […]

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