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T-Mobile Touts More Big Subscriber Gains, But Loses $94 Million

T-Mobile announced its addition of 1.4 million postpaid subscribers in the third quarter and now projects it will add a total of up to 4.7 million subscribers this year, however these subscribers come at a cost, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple Might Face Antitrust Probe Over Flash Policies

Reports are surfacing that Apple Inc. (AAPL) is in line for an antitrust probe by the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission. The Steve Jobs-led company is coming under scrutiny for prohibiting Adobe Flash applications on its products, namely the iPhone and iPad. The New York Post on Monday broke the news that Apple now could […]

Palm Pre Release Date to Be Announced May 19 Report

You may have stopped putting a lot of stock into Palm Pre rumors – and after about 20 billion of them, who could blame you – but here’s one with a specific detail about the release date that might carry some weight. The Boy Genius Report Monday night posted a claim that one if its reliable […]

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