FastLign Puts Newbies on a Fast Track to Offer VoIP

Given the penetration of broadband connections at end user sites and the relatively low cost of IP- vs. circuit-based network infrastructure, its never been easier to become a telephone company. At the same time, launching VoIP services can be rather hairy considering time-to-market pressures, equipment and software integration required and the time it takes to […]

Reach Out, But Don’t Touch

AT&T Corp., Intel Corp., Texas Instruments Inc. and ITXC Corp. are among the companies representing an expanded coalition formed to convince regulators to apply light regulation to VoIP technology. Uniting under the Voice on the Net, or VON Coalition, the diverse group of companies disclosed plans in February to reach out to state and federal […]

Date Book

Posted: 03/2000 Date Book MARCH 6-9 Global TMN and OSS Summit 2000 Miami +1 312 559 4100 www.iec.org 8-10 PCS Asia2000 Singapore www.wirelessshowcase.com 9-10 Understanding Telecommunications Technologies for Non-Engineers Denver +1 703 734 7050 www.telestrategies.com 13-14 EuroCable Hungary 2000 Budapest, Hungary +44 1932 881884 www.ecn-eurocable.com 13-16 Global IP Carriers 2000 London www.carriers-series.com/global_ip2000/ 16-17 Understanding Telecommunications […]

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