VoIP Inc. Strategy a Mystery

VoIP Inc. is off the grid and on the prowl. The Florida-based provider, which owns Volo and ran a channel program, has shut down all telecom revenue-generation operations. It reportedly is reorganizing into a provider of click-to-call and pay-per-click applications, although no one from the CEO to the sales manager was found in the company […]

VoIP Inc.s Volo Tackles Network Expansion

Volo Communications Inc., the CLEC subsidiary of VoIP Inc., said on Monday it has wrapped up the first phase of its facilities-based network expansion, passing through Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts and New York. The carriers footprint already covers much of the country, due to deals with other providers, but VoIP Inc. is building its own infrastructure […]

Harden Moves from Volo to VoX

Ron Harden, former vice president of sales and marketing for Volo Communications, as well as former chairman for CompTel/ASCENT, has joined VoIP provider VoX Communications as executive vice president of sales and marketing. Volo recently was acquired by VoIP Inc. Ron has a great reputation and will be a strong addition to our VoX team, […]

VoIP Inc. Buys Caerus, Subsidiaries

Wholesaler VoIP Inc. has completed its acquisition of Caerus Inc. and that companys wholly owned subsidiaries, Volo Communications Inc., Caerus Networks Inc and Caerus Billing Inc. The deal is valued at $30 million. VoIP Inc. says it will keep the Caerus companies operating under their existing names. Volo is a facilities-based carriers carrier. Caerus Networks […]

News Briefs

Qwest Communications International Inc. has introduced a simplified longdistance billing product for facilities-based wholesale carriers. The service, called Qwest Express Carrier, charges customers for the exact amount of service they use, instead of averaged rates. Qwest Express Carrier includes downloadable rate tables, invoice summaries with line items for each call, and monthly calling detail records […]

UNE-P Coalitions Spell Buying Power

Coalitions of local phone companies are forming to secure lowcost access to networks in the wake of changing regulations. Sue Platner, president of consulting firm The Northridge Group, says one group of phone companies on the East Coast and a separate group of companies in the Midwest are organizing to secure network services from wholesale […]

News Briefs

Qwest Communications International Inc. and AT&T Corp. have signed a commercial wholesale pricing and services agreement. The deal calls for Qwest - through its Platform Plus program - to provide wholesale pricing continuity for AT&T, which has been negatively impacted by the FCC’s unbundling network rules. The companies set wholesale prices through January 2007, scheduling price changes […]

Outsourcers IP-Enable DA

As more consumers migrate to their services, VoIP providers are beginning to face pressure to emulate the consumer experience offered by TDM voice providers. E911 is the hot button in this regard, but it is not the only one. Operator services like directory assistance (DA) also are in demand from a broadening user base. Indeed, […]

Volo Debuts i-911 Service

Wholesale provider Volo Communications this week said it now offers a ubiquitous 911 solution to CLECs, IXCs, cable and wireless operators, ISPs and resellers throughout North America. The company is using technology developer HBF Group Inc.’s 911 service, i-911, and says it lets providers make VoIP a primary offering. Part of Volos VoiceOne Information Service (VOIS), […]

Volo Introduces AccessNOW for IP, TDM Carriers

Wholesale provider Volo Communications today unveiled its answer to the IP-TDM connection dilemma, making available its AccessNOW network services. Using the companys MPLS VoiceOne network, the services let IP and TDM facilities-based carriers provision communications without having to add infrastructure. The features include TDM-IP Mediation, which allows TDM networks to offer IP services without adding […]

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