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VoIP Logic Hosted PBX Now Supports gUnify

gUnify has a following of service providers and end users who benefit from a number of integration tools that allow call logging, call reporting, click-to-dial and more. gUnify’s software adds value to VoIP Logic’s technology platform.

VoIP Logic Launches BroadSoft BroadWorks Managed Service

VoIP Logic has announced its launch of BroadSoft BroadWorks VoIP application platform as a managed service as well as BroadWorks-integrated Cortex OSS for provisioning and billing. BroadWorks will complement and ultimately replace VoIP Logic’s Sylantro Synergy platform. It will provide telephony features, messaging and SIP Trunking commonly sold in Class 5 enterprise hosted PBX and […]

VoIP Logic Introduces Wholesale Carrier Billing

VoIP Logic, a provider of managed VoIP services, has added a wholesale billing module to its Cortex middleware. VoIP Logic will deliver an integrated platform with NextPoint Networks customers who work with VoIP Logic. Micah Singer, founder and CEO of VoIP Logic, said that all wholesale service providers demand a reliable, cost-effective billing solution, and […]

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