WLNP Winners & Losers

Posted: 1/2004 WLNP Winners & Losers Analysts Cite Verizon Wireless as Early Victor By Josh Long Verizon Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. mobile carrier, appeared to be growing just one week after a new federal rule went into effect allowing consumers to keep their wireless phone numbers if they switch providers, analysts say. As expected, […]


Posted: 12/2003 NEWS BRIEFS New Edge Networks Inc. has signed a DSL resale agreement with MCI Wholesale Services, a move that will give New Edge network access to 75 new central offices. The MCI deal gives New Edge in-fill coverage in areas where it already offers service. For example, New Edge gains access to seven […]

FCC Clarifies Slamming Rules

Posted: 6/2003 FCC Clarifies Slamming Rules By Josh Long The Federal Communication Commission has modified the FCC’s carrier change or "slamming" regulations and seeks industry comment on proposed third-party verification (TPV) requirements. Comments are due June 2 and replies are due June 17. The FCC’s action stands to affect facilities-based telecom service providers and resellers […]

Double Check

Posted: 5/2003 Double Check Some New FTC Telesales Rules May Apply to Telecom Providers By Jim Veilleux Telecom companies that think they are exempt from the Federal Trade Commission’s new Telephone Sales Rule, which went into effect at the end of March, need to double check. There are at least two ways in which the […]

Proof Positive

Posted: 4/2003 Proof Positive Third-Party Verification Analysis Spots Sales Process Problems By Josh Long While third-party verification of telephone service orders is mandated by federal and state regulations to curb slamming and fraud, it also can provide telephone companies with data needed to analyze the performance of telemarketing representatives, weed out parts of a script […]

Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States?

Posted: 07/2002 Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States? IF YOU BELIEVE RECENT REPORTS, YOU might be tempted to think it’s safe to slam. The level of fines the FCC issues for slamming has taken a big drop. On the other hand, recent FCC fine levels are the natural outcome of a process it has been […]


Posted: 03/2002 POLICY POLICY LINKS AT&T Corp. www.att.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comCapsule Communications Inc. www.capsule.comCompetitive Telecommunications Association www.comptel.orgCox Communications Inc. www.cox.comDepartment of Public Utility Control www.state.ct.us/dpucFederal Communications Commission www.fcc.govFlorida Public Service Commission www.psc.state.fl.usHarris, Wiltshire & Grannis www.harriswiltshire.comLegg Mason Telecom Research www.LeggMason.comNew York State Public Service Commission www.dps.state.ny.usPennsylvania Public Utilities Commission http://puc.paonline.comQwest Communications International Inc. www.qwest.comSmall Business Administration […]

In Box

Posted: 2/2002 In Box New for 2002 You may have noticed a few differences in PHONE+ this year. For one, we have responded to your suggestions to eliminate the URLs after company names to improve the readability of the articles. Of course, some of you rely on those links to get in touch with new […]

Agency Channel: Taking Stock in Equity

Posted: 08/2000 News Briefs * Startup IP service provider Igaea (www.igaea.com) is establishing stateside and international agent programs to bring its services to market. Igaea will offer phone-to-phone IP products and services including long distance, fax over IP, Internet access, data transmission, prepaid calling services, video conferencing, unified messaging and call-back services through its agent […]

Competitors urge FCC to approve Internet changes

Posted:  03/2000 Competitors urge FCC to approve Internet changes KIM SUNDERLAND Although it has been a dormant issue for several months, competitors have renewed their efforts to push the FCC into permitting customer requests to change a carrier over the Internet. During the past several years, Congress, the FCC and many states increasingly have become […]

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