Verizon’s Profit Way Up Following Full VzW Acquisition

On the business side, Verizon said sales of strategic services – notably private IP, Ethernet, data center, cloud, security and managed services – to global enterprise customers increased 1.8 percent compared to the year-ago quarter.

AT&T Running Out of Time for Europe Deal

AT&T has expressed interest in a wireless deal in Europe, potentially with Vodafone Group, but it has also hinted that the window for a deal may be closing.

Sprint Hints at Potential Merger With T-Mobile

The same week that T-Mobile USA’s chief financial officer called a potential Sprint-T-Mo merger "the logical ultimate combination," a Sprint exec hinted at the same on Thursday.

AT&T Snubs Future With DISH, Looks to Europe

If AT&T does expand into Europe, the company would use the same business model that it has been using in the United States higher data usage and pricing models.

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