Microsoft to Tackle Windows Security Threats

Microsoft doesn’t want some hacker taking control of your computer … and for that matter, you probably don’t want that to happen either. The computing giant plans to address several security holes at its monthly “Patch Tuesday” event next week. (Microsoft holds these events on the second Tuesday of each month.) The holes affect just […]

The New Windows: Lucky No. 7?

With Apple gaining market share and a new opportunity in mini mobile computing percolating in the industry, its no wonder Microsoft is leaving behind the much-maligned Windows Vista operating system in favor of a refreshed approach to the market with Windows 7. But is it too little, too late?

Industry Anticipates Microsoft Windows 7 Release

In late December, Microsoft announced it was giving channel partners a little more time with their much-loved Windows XP since Vista was being such a problem child. This, of course, got people talking about the impending debut of Windows’ next iteration, Windows 7. Reportedly, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will unveil Windows 7 beta during his […]

Microsoft Gives Channel Distributors a Break With XP

Microsoft (MSFT) announced that system builders and other channel distributors are able to supply customers with XP-based hardware until May 30, as long as they place the order by Jan. 31. Because of Vista’s less-than-appealing reputation, customers are still clamoring for XP – and this policy change will enable channel partners to continue to build XP-based […]

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