Phone Plus Prepaid: All Aboard!

Posted: 9/2003 All Aboard! Stored Value Cards Gain Steam By Tara Seals The idea of the prepaid debit account is gaining steam and a number of big names are hopping on board. Prepaid ATM cards, also known as stored value or prepaid cash cards, are used primarily by teenagers and the credit challenged. There also […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: retail news

Posted: 09/2002 retail news Compiled and reported by Khali Henderson and Tara Seals ePHONE Launches Online Sales of New e-Trans-Port ePHONE Telecom Inc.’s latest product, e-Trans-Port, is available for purchase at The unit, which plugs into the phone jack of a home or office telephone, allows savings on long-distance prepaid calling by routing toll […]

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