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Is VPLS the Next MPLS?

Virtual private LAN service is quickly making a name for itself as a kind of MPLS on (Ethernet) steroids. But the future of long-haul VPNs is actually closer to a hybrid of the two.

Making the Case for Carrier Ethernet

If you are an agent looking for a bright spot in the gloomy U.S. economy, you might just find it in Carrier Ethernet. Businesses are expected to spend more than $27 billion over the next five years on Ethernet services provider by carriers, according to a May 2009 report published by Insight Research Corp.. The […]

Enterprise Network Adds Down, Disconnects Up

The number of enterprises disconnecting network locations reached its highest level in six years during 2008, according to new research by Vertical Systems Group. In a survey of U.S.-based enterprise network managers, 14 percent reported they had eliminated one or more network locations without adding or moving others. This figure compares to only 9 percent […]

AT&T, Verizon Fuel Rise in Business Ethernet Services

Business Ethernet services continue to grow rapidly in the U.S. That’s according to the latest market share analysis from Vertical Systems Group. The number of installed domestic computer ports rose by more than 16 percent in the first half of this year. So what companies led the way? AT&T (T) accounted for 21 percent of […]

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