Verso Announces Reseller Agreement With Nortel

Verso Technologies Inc., a global provider of next-generation network solutions, announced it has signed a worldwide reseller agreement with Nortel. The agreement enables Nortel to sell Verso products worldwide and includes provisions for Verso to provide product installation, support, maintenance and other services to Nortel and its customers. “Verso has several products designed to optimize […]

Versos Metronet VoIP Overlay Solution Provides Prepaid Voice and Data Services Over a WiMAX-Based Wireless Network to Startech Communications

The Opportunity Startech Connections is a Private Telecommunications Operator (PTO) based in Abuja, Nigeria, that provides fixed broadband telecommunications services. The company sought a leading edge VoIP solution to replace its aging wireless and voice infrastructure. Specifically, Startech needed a cost effective, redundant and scalable solution that could deliver prepaid voice and data services over […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: INDUSTRY NEWS

Posted: 3/2003 INDUSTRY NEWS Wireless Threatens Growth For U.S. Prepaid Calling Cards Highly competitive wireless calling plans and the convenience of mobile phones are having a negative impact on the U.S. prepaid long-distance calling card market, reports research firm IDC. Wireless service now can compete effectively with prepaid long distance in the areas of convenience […]

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