Verizon Communications


Verizon Lands Big Government Contract

Verizon Communications has been named a prime contractor with the U.S. government under a contract that is worth up to $5 billion over roughly nine years.

FairPoint Creditors Seek Vengeance Against Verizon

A lawsuit asserts that Verizon Communications transferred to FairPoint a legacy, low-margin  business  Spinco  that was shrinking more rapidly than FairPoint knew and excluded two essential components from the sale.

AT&T, Verizon Face Potential Pension Problems

Both companies might be impacted by a sharp drop in interest rates and weak equity market returns that could require them to contribute significant amounts of cash” to their pension plans next year. But AT&T’s downplaying the idea.

Verizon Wireless Maintains Lead Over AT&T

The company had fewer total additions than its closest rival AT&T (2.1 million new customers) in the quarter, but AT&T on Thursday reported less than half (319,000) Verizons number of new postpaid customers (882,000).

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