Twitters Worth $250M. Huh?

The micro-blogging social media phenomenon called Twitter is raising cash via one or more venture capital firms that places the company’s value at $250 million. According to TechCrunch “sources,” Twitter execs have been trying to get such a valuation with hit or miss interest, by pointing to its almost-merger with Facebook, which was going to […]

McGraw Creates Profit-Sharing Program for Agents

McGraw Communications Inc., a New York-based CLEC, has laid out a profit-sharing program that may be unrivaled since its just for agents. Industry mergers and bankruptcies over the past few years have left agents feeling insecure and with less-than-favorable contracts, and McGraws three owners wanted to reverse the tides. We went into it to truly […]

Carrier Channel: SEC: Enron Broadband A Fairy Tale

Posted: 7/2003 SEC: Enron Broadband A Fairy Tale By Josh Long In January 2000, Wall Street was so enamored with the broadband services unit of Enron Corp. that its shares rose 36 percent one day after executives gloated over its ability to connect with every network in the world and deliver advanced capabilities that would […]

Selling High: The Equity Alternative

Posted: 06/1999 Selling High: The Equity Alternative By Bryan Mitchell and Salman Tajuddin As any telecom insider would tell you, telecommunications is a capital-intensive business. The ability to execute on a business plan is predicated not only on raising the appropriate amount of capital, but also on raising the appropriate type of capital from the […]

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