TelePlus Launches Cell Distribution Method Using USI, VendNovation Technology

TelePlus Group Inc., a subsidiary of Texxon Inc., on Monday announced it has signed with vending machine manufacturer U-Select-It (USI) Corp. and vending software developer VendNovation to develop new telecommunications product/service distribution platforms for the travel market. The agreements allow TelePlus to provide vending machines and kiosks that contain its proprietary product/service at destination points […]


Posted: 03/2002 INDUSTRY NEWS Telemac Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit A Federal District Court in Oakland ruled USIntellicom’s prepaid wireless system infringes Telemac Corp.’s 5,577,100 patent for a network-independent prepaid billing system. The court ordered Pre-Cell Solutions Inc. (dba Dual Point Communications) and its wholly owned subsidiaries, USIntellicom (USI) and Pre-Paid Solutions dba EZ Prepaid, to […]

Wireless – Pre-Cell Solutions Merges with USIntellicom

Posted: 06/2000 Pre-Cell Solutions Merges with USIntellicom Pre-Cell Solutions Inc., a CLEC that resells BellSouth Corp.’s ( local exchange services on a prepaid basis within Florida, has completed mergers with USIntellicom Inc., a provider of prepaid cellular handset technology and web-based customer support systems, and Pre-Paid Solutions Inc., a provider of prepaid cellular service and […]

Where’s Value Heading?

Posted: 01/1999 Where’s Value Heading? By John T. Mulqueen Summarizing the multibillion-dollar communications venture capital (VC) industry is like asking a blind man to describe an elephant. The beast is too big and has too many unique appendices to be depicted easily. Besides, it is moving all the time. Still, one piece of the giant […]

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