FCC Bashed for USF ‘Wasting’ Taxpayer Money

A new study says the Federal Communications Commission is wasting up to $24,000 per line, per year on phone subsidies going to high-income areas around the U.S. money that is supposed to go to remote, rural areas.

10 More Wonderful Days

Interest in SIP trunks, SIP trunking and unified communications fell in 2011, while sales rose. The same held true for video conferencing, which was more surprising given the renewed interest in the technology.

USF Reform Takes a Big Step Forward

The proposal includes the creation of a new fund, the Connect America Fund, that will have an annual budget capped at $4.5 billion to support wired” broadband expansion.

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There will be no USF or ICC reforms for several years, but if not correctly devised, the impact on the Internet and IP-related services and applications will be devastating.

Holy Massive Bureaucratic Report, IP Man!

The U.S. ranks sixth among the G7 and is at risk of falling to seventh when Access, Speed and Price (ASP) are compared. This includes the broadband that is available in our cities and metropolitan areas.

FCC Floundering May Be Over

For the first time in months it would seem the Democrats and Republicans on the FCC concur about the importance of something. It seems that the floundering over whether to modernize the USF and ICC system is over.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: Pins and Needles

The FCC voted to reform the Universal Service Fund and potentially eliminate the InterCarrier Compensation (ICC) system this week and there were no screams of protest.

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