PicturePhone Take 2

Posted: 11/2003 PicturePhone Take 2 Consumer Video Calling Vendors Tap Telcos for Distribution By Khali Henderson Now that most telcos are gearing up for the triple play voice, data and video videophone vendors are looking at them as a ready and willing distribution channel for their broadband video calling products. These are not the videophones […]


Posted: 10/2003 TARGUSinfo UNVEILS IDENTIFICATION TOOL FOR UNBILLABLES TARGUSinfo has enhanced its TelcoExpress subscription-based service to allow service providers to identify unbillable accounts, or LEC Code 50 Rejects, which are the records bounced back by the RBOCs for accounts they no longer serve. TelcoExpress users can prescreen transactions through an IP connection to TARGUSinfo. The […]

Collaborative: Beam Me Up: IM Visits the Enterprise

Posted: 5/2003 Beam Me Up: IM Visits the Enterprise By Tara Seals The real-time, private, advertising-free chat capability known as instant messaging (IM) long has been trapped on Planet Youth — for teenagers and college kids it’s as natural as speaking aloud. Service providers now are looking to beam the tool up to the enterprise. […]

eCHANNEL: How to Create the Ultimate User Experience

Posted: 12/2002 Optimizing Online Sales Strategies Part 3 How to Create the Ultimate User Experience By Dr. Bonny Brown and Dr. Anthony Bastardi TELECOM COMPANIES FACE A CLASSIC issue in deciding whether to concentrate on capturing market share or catering to the most profitable segments. A well-designed Web site is an inexpensive way to pursue […]

Collaborative: Product News

Posted: 11/2002 Product News CommWorks Adds Multistage Dialing Capabilities CommWorks has added support for multistage dialing models to its IP telephony product portfolio, giving service providers new options to add prepaid and postpaid calling applications to their service offerings. With two-stage calling, a customer purchases a fixed number of minutes for a particular phone number […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: industry news

Posted: 09/2002 industry news GPA Reorganizes Management Team By Tara Seals Global Prepaid Alliance Inc. CEO Lenn Brown became chairman of the board at the International Prepaid Communications Association (IPCA) and two of GPA’s executives — John Gill, president, and Eddie Pena, regional vice president of sales — have left the company. In May, the […]


Posted: 03/2002 NOT NECESSARILY NEWS Overheard… … following the FCC’s ( announcement it wants to fine SBC Communications ( $6 million for failing to provide shared transport to competitive carriers … John Windhausen Jr., … “The Bell companies are as bad as serial killers; they have become addicted to bad behavior. We are pleased that […]

Prepaid Section: Send in the Clout

Posted: 03/2002 Send in the Clout AT&T, Sprint Offers Kick Prepaid Internet Into High Gear By Bruce Christian  With major service providers AT&T Corp. and Sprint entering the fray, prepaid Internet is moving into high gear. Prepaid Internet is a convenient way for travelers to l on and stay current with their e-mails, news headlines, […]

Hope and Hype

Posted: 07/2001 Hope and Hype The Brave New World of Wireless Marketing By Tara Seals A recent cross-channel marketing initiative drove up TV viewing, increased web and wireless short message service (SMS) usage, encouraged customer participation and loyalty, provided a bump in brand awareness for Ericsson Corp. (, gathered user information for future marketing campaigns […]

Business News – Highland Lakes Adds Web-Enabled Services

Posted: 06/2001 Business News Highland Lakes Adds Web-Enabled Services Highland Lakes Software ( has ann-ounced availability of web-enabled customer service functions in its flagship offering, the Communications Accounting System (CAS).Users can offer their customers access to current and previous statements, as well as account history information, via the Internet.“We are very excited to lengthen a […]

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