Networks Unleashed

Communications networks aren’t what they used to be; they are becoming increasingly purpose-built, exploiting a combination of wireless and wireline technologies to carry out specific tasks. Here’s a few we’re watching. In-Building Nets – While the term BLEC earned itself a black eye, its intention of creating a mini-telco within a building was right on the […]

Mining LIDBs

A shift from traditional wireline services to mobility and VoIP has lessened the volume for line information database (LIDB) storage for carriers. But this old standby’s unparalleled ability to provide accurate customer information may give rise to new usage models far beyond telecom. Conceived as a way to validate collect calls, calling card calls and […]

Last Mile Offers Online Exchange

Last Mile Connections, a One Equity Partners company, this week launched the Online Exchange, a neutral e-marketplace using reverse auctions for selling and buying telecom bandwidth services. The Online Exchange, found at, is a customer-focused application designed to connect buyers and sellers of bandwidth from around the globe through a single point of contact. […]

Cultivating a Collaboration Society

Cultivating a Collaboration Society By Harold German Harold German Remember those bulky, expensive video conferencing systems you would see in well-equipped conference rooms not too long ago? You know, the ones the office manager never allowed you to touch? Every now and then, you were invited to sit in on a video meeting and you […]

Inbound LCR Gains Ground

Least-cost routing and disaster recovery have been understood and applied to outgoing calls for years. Programming a switch to select a traffic route is as old as the introduction of the PBX, but understanding that the same capabilities apply to incoming toll-free traffic has long been overlooked. Although the technology has been available since 1993, […]

Upstream Downstream

While DSL and T1 appear to be the most prevalent backhaul methods for Wi-Fi to date, companies and organizations offering Wi-Fi can choose from a range of backhaul options - satellite, broadband wireless, IP VPNs and VDSL - that vary in price, performance and compatibility with the application. “We’ve been working with several customers that are now […]

TAG, You’re It!

Kicking off Channel Partners’ conference portion, yesterday’s three-hour, two-track TAG Certification was a hit for partners, vendors and master agents alike. Facilitators from BellSouth Corp. presented a non-vendor-specific set of sales and marketing modules geared to give almost 200 attendees valuable, business-building information. "Whether you’re a partner looking for the best program or if you […]

CC Coupon Combines Calling Cards, Coupons

An upstart called CC Coupon LLC (Booth 129) is bringing new value to calling cards. The company now offers cards that function as both calling cards and coupons "Agents and resellers look for retail distribution points to sell their cards," says Steve Cherry, vice president of CC Coupon, adding that the bulk of calling cards […]

A+ Promotes Flat Rate Virtual Office

A+ Conferencing (Booth 305) is promoting a resale program for its TeleCenter toll-free, flat-rate virtual office service. With TeleCenter, subscribers can stay in touch with their prospects, customers and distributors without worrying about per-minute fees or excess charges for inbound calls, A+ says. According to A+, TeleCenter enables subscribers to present themselves as well-established businesses […]

Collaborative: The Art of Selling Collaborative Software

Posted: 8/2003 The Art of Selling Collaborative Software QUESTIONS TO ASK DURING EACH PHASE OF THE SALES PROCESS By David Coleman and Bob Sayle Selling a collaborative software technology to a prospective customer is no different than selling any other type of software application — you need to understand the customer and why they would […]

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