Business News – Lucent Softswitch Wins Level 3’s Vote, Envy of Like-Minded Peers

Posted: 08/1999 Lucent Softswitch Wins Level 3’s Vote, Envy of Like-Minded Peers By Ken Branson Lucent Technologies Inc., Murray Hill, N.J., has scored a coup with its $250 million licensing agreement for its Softswitch software system with Level 3 Communications Inc., Broomfield, Colo., but Ma Bell’s most prosperous offspring is hardly alone in its drive […]

Business News – Pro Plus Communications Implements CostGuard

Posted: 07/1999 Pro Plus Communications Implements CostGuard Info Directions Inc. (IDI), Victor, N.Y., has announced that Pro Plus Communications, Las Vegas, a multiservice telephony provider, has installed CostGuard to provide convergent rating, billing and customer care. Pro Plus Communications is able to use CostGuard to develop an extensive agent network from a Microsoft Windows-based platform.

A New Wave in Optical Networking

Posted: 05/1999 A New Wave in Optical Networking By Charlotte Wolter With Paris-based Alcatel and Murray Hill, N.J.-based Lucent Technologies Inc. announcing optical networking equipment capable of transmitting 40 gigabits per second (gbps), or OC-768 speed, it could appear that the future of optical networking is to develop ever-faster lasers to crank up speeds in […]

Only Human

Posted: 03/1999 Only Human Moving from Technocentric to Usercentric Product Development By Ken Branson In 1854, the news that Maine and Texas could communicate by telegraph left Henry David Thoreau underwhelmed. "No one seems to have inquired," the sage of Walden Pond noted crankily, "whether Maine and Texas have anything to communicate. Thoreau spoke, unknowingly, […]

Unlocking SS7’s Potential

Posted: 01/1999 Unlocking SS7’s Potential By Peter Meade Unlocking and using information that always has been available–but not easily accessible–in signaling system 7 (SS7) networks is emerging as a new way for service providers to survive and thrive in these competitive times. Rick Botting is so sure that accessing this knowledge is the key to […]

Location, Location, Location

Posted: 08/1998 Location, Location, Location By Bob Lane Independent payphone providers (IPPs), like real estate agents, measure the success of their companies by the locations of their products. Real estate agents don’t make money on houses in bad locations; likewise, IPPs don’t make money from poorly located payphones. The differences between a successful payphone route […]

Digging Around in the Corporate Finance Toolbox

Posted: 01/1998 By Michael H. Wirpel Your ability to find a way to obtain an investment in your company is greater if you know how to design a deal flexibly. You can be more flexible by recognizing the different stages a company goes through and using each stage’s risk factors to tailor a deal. "Digging […]

Intelligent SS7 or Stupid Networks

Posted: 12/1997 Intelligent SS7 or Stupid Networks Why We Care By Gary Kim Going to the dentist for a root canal might be preferable to sitting through a discussion of Signaling System 7 (SS7). Nevertheless, we care about SS7 because it enables many types of services related to call completion and billing; little things like […]

Debit Cards

Posted: 09/1997 Debit Cards FSU’s Smart Card Platform: Students Have More Options than Ever By Jennifer Knapp Many in the telephony industry will remember the standard college identification of the last decade. Although most were fitted with bar codes and magnetic stripes, the cards’ capacities were not marketed as service oriented. Most were used for […]

Taking It to the Net

Posted: 09/1997 Taking It to the Net By Gary Kim Until recently, long distance companies might have paid little attention to Internet protocol (IP) and the impact it has on worldwide long distance networks and revenues. All that changed with the Internet. But two other related developments Intranets and Extranets are poised to have an […]

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