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Ask Steve: Which Cell Companies Are Best for SMBs?

About one-third of the questions I get these days are about mobility and wireless — rate plans, mobile applications, the next hot device, sales channels and carrier plans. Here’s a good one to help us lay out the U.S. SMB market for mobile solutions. Q:Which cellular companies are best for SMBs? —Dmitri from Amherst, Mass. […]

Verizon Wireless Assets Attract Big-Name Bidders

A prominent private-equity firm, two buyout companies, AT&T Inc. (T) and U.S. Cellular Corp. (USM) are among the entities said to be bidding for the assets Verizon Wireless must divest because of the Alltel Corp. acquisition. The deadline for bids was last week; the auction is private, though, so word on the competing bidders is coming from […]

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