Universal Service Fund


FCC Bashed for USF ‘Wasting’ Taxpayer Money

A new study says the Federal Communications Commission is wasting up to $24,000 per line, per year on phone subsidies going to high-income areas around the U.S. money that is supposed to go to remote, rural areas.

Will Wheeler Get the FCC Back on Track?

America needs an FCC that is willing and able to address the rapidly changing environment of telecommunications and IP communications can Thomas Wheeler make that happen?

A Taxing Issue for Broadband

While changes do need to occur, discussing new taxes on broadband during a presidential election is a nonstarter.

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There will be no USF or ICC reforms for several years, but if not correctly devised, the impact on the Internet and IP-related services and applications will be devastating.

Universal Broadband?: FCC Looks to Reform ICC, USF

The FCC has proposed sweeping initiatives to reform the Universal Service Fund and intercarrier compensation as part of a plan to promote affordable broadband service across the nation through a Connect America Fund.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: Pins and Needles

The FCC voted to reform the Universal Service Fund and potentially eliminate the InterCarrier Compensation (ICC) system this week and there were no screams of protest.

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