Sherm Henderson

THEN: Sherm Henderson was founder and CEO of Charter Network Inc., a long-distance reseller operating in the Ameritech region. “In 1987, I was real happy to be a long-distance provider in five states,” he recalls. NOW: Today, Henderson is CEO of Lightyear Network Solutions and chairman of COMPTEL. His company, formed in 1993 as UniDial, […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Agents Cash Out of Telcorp Agent Equity Program

Posted: 5/2003 Agents Cash Out of Telcorp Agent Equity Program By Khali Henderson and Tara Seals In what may be the first equity program payout, agents for switchless reseller Telcorp Ltd. cashed out after the company closed its acquisition by NUI Telecom, the telecom unit of energy company NUI Corp., on April 2. In the […]

Lampooned Telemarketing Still Effective

Posted: 03/2000 Lampooned Telemarketing Still Effective By Liz Montelbano Just the word "telemarketing" is enough to make anyone who’s ever been disturbed by a phone solicitor on a Saturday morning or over his dinner plate recoil in horror. For telecom companies, however, the fact remains: Telemarketing is a viable sales channel. It’s happening. It works. […]

Resale Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 03/2000 News Briefs * UniDial Communications Inc. (www.unidial.com) has awarded Focal Communications Corp. (www.focal.com) a three-year, $18 million service agreement. UniDial will resell Focal’s local dial-tone services within the major metro areas it serves. In other UniDial news, the ICP has chosen NorthPoint Communications Inc. (www.north point.com) as its provider of digital subscriber line […]


Posted: 01/2000 ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES BroadWing Inc. (www.broadwinginc.com), the new company formed from the merger of Cincinnati Bell and IXC Communications Inc., has named its executive team. Former president and CEO of Cincinnati Bell Richard G. Ellenberger will remain in that capacity for the new company. Former Cincinnati Bell COO Richard S. Ponti is […]

Agency Channel: Agents in Training

Posted: 09/1999 Agents in Training By Khali Henderson As demand and availability of advanced services–Internet access, frame relay, digital subscriber lines (DSLs), etc.–moves downstream, network services agents are faced with an increasingly complex sale for which most are ill-prepared. To make matters worse, agents say, few of the carriers and resellers they represent are arming […]

Cashing In

Posted: 08/1999 Cashing In Agents Calculate Risk of Equity Play By Khali Henderson The real trick for agents is allying with the company most likely to succeed. Amidst the stock market’s longest winning streak, the telecom industry has been engaged in consolidation at all levels as service providers jockey for position. Mid-sized players are gathering […]

New Optimism Prevails as TRA ‘Rides the Wave’

Posted: 07/1999 New Optimism Prevails as TRA ‘Rides the Wave’ By Ken Branson Last year, it was a little survivalist," says Telecommunications Resellers Association (TRA) President Ernie Kelly, referring to the mood at the TRA gathering in Orlando, Fla., last fall. "This year, it looks a little better. … The opponents of competition are running […]

Local Resale Shows Signs of Life

Posted: 07/1999 Local Resale Shows Signs of Life By Ken Branson Like Mark Twain reading his own obituary, there are those who believe that reports of local resale’s death are greatly exaggerated. When PHONE+ reported in May that local resale was dying–and not much missed by some of its practitioners–we heard from some that we […]

UniDial, Bell Atlantic in $300 Million LocalResale Deal

Posted: 06/1999 UniDial, Bell Atlantic in $300 Million Local Resale Deal By Ken Branson Seated: Jack Goldberg, president, Bell Atlantic Corp. Telecom Industry Services division (left) and J. Sherman Henderson III, president and CEO, UniDial Communications Inc. Standing: Peter Karoczkai, vice president of marketing and product management, Bell Atlantic Telecom Industry Services division (left) and […]

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