Business Intelligence

Anthony Daley is senior vice president and general manager, the Americas, Westcon Group North America Inc, a value-added distributor. Daley spoke with [email protected] in June about areas of growing importance to telecom agents, such as networking security and standards, and how to avoid becoming just a commodity to clients. [email protected]: What are the most important […]

Customer Interaction Culture Key to Profitability

Exceptional customer service is key to building customer loyalty and, thus, ensuring long-term profitability. Loyalty shapes people’s choices on what they purchase, how they purchase and where they purchase. In a study conducted by the Forum Corp. on why customers changed brands, more than 60 percent switched because of poor service and lack of personal […]

Sales Tips for a New Era

Posted: 9/2003 Sales Tips for a New Era By Dr. Christie Smith In the past, sales were dependent upon one thing: the product. Today, telecom companies have to distinguish themselves not only on product, but rather on the services they provide, the bundled nature of their products/services, and the quality of the relationships they develop […]

How to Conduct a Needs Assessment

Posted: 9/2003 How to Conduct a Needs Assessment Take a First Step in Creating a Customer for Life By Dr. Christie Smith and Larry Montan With competition in telecom as fierce as it has ever been, differentiating yourself and the way you go to market is critical in retaining customer share. Most telecom companies are […]


Posted: 8/2003 CHANGING THE GAME? NEW RULES FOR TELECOM SALES By Tim L. Jarnagin Few would argue that selling in the telecom industry has changed forever, but just how it has changed and how to cope with it still are topics of debate. One camp insists the age-old disciplines of "cold-calling and strip-malling," and the […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: How the Rest Was Won

Posted: 3/2003 How the Rest Was Won Agents Stick by CLECs Despite Rough Ride By Tara Seals Consolidation. Bell long-distance re-entry. The use of facilities vs. the unbundled network element-platform (UNE-P). These and other threats have made the open range of competition a dangerous place to roam. But some CLECs have conquered the frontier and […]

eCHANNEL: How to Create the Ultimate User Experience

Posted: 12/2002 Optimizing Online Sales Strategies Part 3 How to Create the Ultimate User Experience By Dr. Bonny Brown and Dr. Anthony Bastardi TELECOM COMPANIES FACE A CLASSIC issue in deciding whether to concentrate on capturing market share or catering to the most profitable segments. A well-designed Web site is an inexpensive way to pursue […]

The Art of Cost Management

Posted: 01/2000 The Art of Cost Management By Faye F. Henris  The past decade in the telecommunications industry has been like none other. Dramatic alterations to the regulatory and technological landscapes have paved the way for increased competition and the introduction of new products and services in every carrier category. The collective challenges may be […]

Understand Churn or Die

Posted: 12/1997 Understand Churn or Die Long distance industry veterans know customer churn is high, especially for the largest carriers. But other industry segments struggle with high churn as well, especially those that are competitive. Cable television historically has had annual churn in the 30 to 35 percent range, while U.S. wireless carriers see 30 […]

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